Our Voice: Kennewick School Board -- Retain Dawn Adams

Brian Bradford's heart is in the right place, but we can't recommend him for the Kennewick School Board seat he's seeking.

About the first words out of Bradford's mouth when he met with the Herald editorial board earlier this week was that he wouldn't mind seeing his opponent win the race.

We have to agree. Incumbent Dawn Adams has served on the Kennewick School Board for 12 years and has been president for about the past eight years.

During her tenure, academic acheivement has improved, and the district has adopted innovative new programs such as the dual-language classes that are making English-speaking children fluent in Spanish and vice versa.

The school board has been a good steward of the public's resources, weathering the recession by maintaining a healthy reserve.

Bradford's emphasis is on ensuring that no students are excluded from the best the district has to offer. He'd like to see more opportunities for children in special education programs.

We can't fault Bradford for his focus on kids who sometimes feel left out, but Kennewick schools need experienced leaders in the next few years.

Growing student populations, increasing expectations and higher numbers of kids affected by poverty present serious challenges to the district.

Dawn has spent a dozen years preparing for the job. Bradford isn't ready.

The Tri-City Herald editorial board recommends Dawn Adams for Kennewick School Board.