Our Voice: Herald recommends Jean Ryckman for Port of Pasco

Jean Ryckman has an impressive record for community service. Most recently she was appointed to the Port of Pasco, but her resume also includes a long tenure working at the Franklin County PUD and serving on the Pasco School Board and Tri-City Development Council board.

She's a known quantity, an impressive candidate and knowledgeable about Franklin County. For us, the choice in this race is an easy one.

Her opponent, Herb Brayton, has been at Hanford since 1988. His professional experience has been in project management, finances and funding -- all good training for a port commissioner.

Often a challenger for office either has no idea about what the office entails or grandiose ideas that are unrealistic.

Once a newcomer is elected, his learning curve often is steeper than anticipated.

To his credit, Brayton seems well informed on the port's activities. And he has ideas for priority projects.

However, most of these ideas, such as spurring business in north Franklin County, are already on the port's to-do list.

He brings nothing new to the office.

And Ryckman has nothing lacking.

She is up to speed, conscientious and effective in her current position.

Brayton is not a bad candidate, but Ryckman is an excellent choice.

Voters only get to check one box in this race, it should be Ryckman's.

The Tri-City Herald editorial board recommends Jean Ryckman for Port of Pasco commissioner.