MARS HILL: Church needs roof over its head

I was dismayed to see Peter Callaghan’s report in his Sunday column (TNT, 7-21) about the local eatery that canceled a fundraiser set up by the Mars Hill Church to raise money to put a new roof over its sanctuary. This apparently resulted from pressure brought by a “social media” group intolerant of Mars Hill’s reported “old-fashioned” theology about marriage, among other things.

I’m not a member of Mars Hill, nor do I know any members. Many of their beliefs are not congruent with those I hold. I do know that they bought a beautiful historic church building that otherwise was destined for the bulldozer, and that they, like all our many communities of faith, need a solid roof over their heads.

They are also my neighbors, and I am happy to extend them a hand of friendship. I am sending them a small check to help with their roof. After all, the rain falls alike on us all, whether we agree with one another or not.