ZIMMERMAN: Racial profiling larger problem

Re: “VERDICT: Mob willfully ignorant of the facts” (TNT, 7-22).

The crime George Zimmerman committed was worse than any state law. He violated our Constitution and a young American’s civil rights. Zimmerman chose to participate in his neighborhood security and carry a gun. He chose to get out of his car despite the direction of law enforcement to remain in his car. He chose to aggressively stalk a young teen wearing a hoodie knowing he was a minority as he described in his 911 call. He assumed Trayvon Martin was committing a crime based on his clothing and what he thought was a person of minority. His decisions were based on racial profiling.

I agree that “the whole thing is sad.” Trayvon Martin was “making it a dull night” by walking home in his own neighborhood after going to the store. He realized that this person was following him and called his friend telling her how afraid he was.

Trayvon Martin chose to defend himself. Zimmerman chose to pull out his gun and kill Martin.

We can argue about the legality and safety of “stand your ground “ laws. Most important is that we as a nation address the larger problem of racial profiling. We need federal and state laws to protect everyone from such injustice.

The “mob” isn’t willfully ignorant of the facts. Until we, as Americans, face racial profiling as a gross injustice, it is we who are demonstrating ignorance of the facts.