Redheads of the world, unite! (and all in one place)


Anne Lindsay, a redhead born and raised in Olympia, wants to reclaim the first Guinness Book of World Record for the Most Natural Redheads in one location. Lindsay founded and organized the inaugural record gathering of 910 held in Sammamish three years ago. But last year the record was broken in Breda, Netherlands.

Now, she’s helping to organize an Aug. 17 event at Pioneer Square in Portland that will also raise awareness about skin cancers that affect fair-skinned people, and redheads are naturally more susceptible. Go to redheadevent.org.

Says Lindsay, “There are an amazingly large number of people from the Olympia area who are redheads,” and she encourages them to participate.


Former Seahawks defensive end Joe Tafoya believes Seattle fans are the loudest in the world, and he’s determined to prove it. Tafoya has formed a group called Volume 12 to certify CenturyLink Field with the Guinness Book of World Record as the loudest stadium on the planet. It’s a record currently held by a soccer stadium in Turkey with a decibel reading of 131.76. The attempt will take place when the arch-rival San Francisco 49ers come to town on Sept. 15.

While some have already started screaming to strengthen their vocal chords, hearing aid retailers are planning booths at the stadium’s exits.


Offer most 21-year-olds $200,000 in cash, and they won’t hesitate to grab it. Not Jason Monda, the 2010 Capital High School grad, now a left-handed pitcher at Washington State University. Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies, Monda turned down the money to finish his pre-medicine college degree and play his last year of college baseball.

Kudos to a young, super star athlete who gave a higher priority to his college education than a high-stakes shot at making the major leagues. That’s a great message for young people.


Where did all the women go? Female lawmakers comprised 41 percent of the Legislature just three years ago. That number dropped to 30.6 percent this year, the lowest percentage in more than a decade. It’s a disturbing trend occurring nationwide.

Let’s hope more women run for office during next year’s state races. As Sen. Karen Fraser put it, “As you got more women in the Legislature, they made laws affecting women’s lives a priority, and the laws became more equal.”


The annual Capital Lakefair festival begins this week in Heritage Park with fireworks, carnival rides and lots and lots of food. It’s great summer fun, and a delicious way to support the work of some 20-plus nonprofits exhibiting food booths.


The recent food drive, sponsored by South Sound Little Caesars franchises at five schools, collected 10,493 pounds of food for the Children of the Summer project, which helps to feed kids dependent on school lunch programs.


You have to admire anyone who aspires to flying higher than Mount Rainier in a lawn chair attached to three helium-filled weather balloons. Joe Barbera took off from the backyard of his La Center home and didn’t exactly rocket up to an altitude of 15,000 feet. “Nothing is more important than getting past the first tree,” he said pre-launch. It was the last tree that he didn’t see coming. Barbera landed in a tree about 24 miles away in Skamania County and had to be rescued.