Olympia council smart to wait on marijuana

A creative entrepreneur’s plans to combine a medical marijuana dispensary with pole dancing and scantily clad “budtenders” in downtown Olympia bring the wisdom of City Council’s one-year moratorium on new marijuana-related activities clearly into focus.

The state’s decriminalization of recreational pot use by adults has apparently given some people the idea that Washington will become a modern-day Wild West, a gold rush for fortune-seekers with the lamest of business plans.

We doubt that by approving Initiative 502, voters envisioned girls in bikinis serving pot to customers watching pole dancers on a stage and offering VIP concierge services – whatever that means.

Public acceptance, both at home and in Washington, D.C., of adult pot use depends on a low-key and tightly controlled marijuana industry. Ventures like the one proposed for downtown Olympia will certainly lead to abuses that draw the attention of federal authorities, and that could shut down the whole grand experiment.

Olympia has joined Pierce County and the city of University Place in placing pot moratoriums. It’s exactly the go-slow approach we need.