Good, long-term prospects for port and community

Thurston County taxpayers got good news from the Port of Olympia last week that it signed a new lease with Weyerhaeuser for its log export business. That means revenues in excess of $260,000 per year for up to the next 20 years, which will help continue the recent trend of financial success at the public port.

It also means the port can grow its longshore employees to 33 this year based on the predictability of revenue from Weyerhaeuser’s log exporting operations. Those jobs have both a direct and indirect positive effect on the South Sound’s economy.

It helps, too, that the Weyerhaeuser business is a renewable resource.

The port receives a big benefit from association with the Weyerhaeuser brand as a long-term customer. It sends a strong, positive signal to other companies shipping a broad range of ocean-bound imports and exports. Other maritime carriers and logistics providers, nationally and internationally, take notice when a major player like Weyerhaeuser makes such a commitment.

Getting the word out about the attraction of doing business in Thurston County elevates the image of the whole region, and creates prospects for other businesses.

The Weyerhaeuser deal isn’t just good for the Port of Olympia, it bodes well for us all.