Our Voice: We're thankful for readers and creators and thinkers

Pasco's new library

Judging by the turnout on opening day, the newest branch of the Mid-Columbia Libraries will be a great addition to west Pasco.

The day it opened, there was a line to get into the building, a line to get out of the building and shoulder-to-shoulder browsing of new, shiny books in between.

A few years ago, the city and the library system were deciding whether they would move forward in a partnership or go their separate ways.

If you were there on Saturday, it sure looks like they made the right choice.

We're grateful for books and readings and, most of all, readers.


Thrift stores are a gold mine for the creative soul. Repurposing secondhand items can be quite addicting, in fact.

The participants in the recent Goodwill fashion show are catching that bug.

There are thrift stores to choose from in the Mid-Columbia, whether you're donating items or shopping. Most of them benefit some cause or another.

It's good for us to think beyond ourselves.

It's helpful to donate useable items to these groups because it provides affordable goods for families and because having the store open provides employment opportunities.

There is in old saying, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." Not bad advice. Another wise tidbit to add to it, "Donate."

Academy of Children's Theatre

You can entertain yourself with local theater almost every weekend. Check out the AT section in Friday's Tri-City Herald to get a sampling of what we mean.

The symbiotic relationship between the high schools and the local theater groups enriches all of our lives.

We're pleased to see that ACT is expanding its focus. We're going to take that as another good sign that art in the Tri-Cities has a healthy pulse.

New judge

When Sal Mendoza Jr. ran for judge in 2008 we recommended his opponent. That was the single, most-difficult election decision this board has ever made.

In the end, Bruce Spanner won the seat.

Today we are pleased and satisfied to see Mendoza appointed to the bench. And not because he's Latino.

We used a "wisdom of Solomon" metaphor in the election recommendation five years ago. Today we borrow from the Old Testament again, this time referencing Samuel's decision to choose David to be king, "Look not on his countenance ... but ... on his heart."

We admire Mendoza's heart and temperament and thoughtfulness. We're confident he will make an excellent judge.