Be thankful, Mariners fans, for lowly Houston Astros


The Seattle Mariners open their 2013 home season tonight at Safeco Field with all the hope and promise that true fans have every year. The Mariners might not win the American League West, but they probably won’t finish last in 2013. Thank Major League Baseball for that by adding the even worse Houston Astros to our division.


The Seattle Mariners hitting legend dropped in on a private party at the g. miller menswear store in downtown Olympia recently along with hair salon all-star Gene Juarez. They were raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters and promoting the El Zacatecano mezcal brand.

Although guests were told not to request autographs, Martinez broke his own rule to sign a piece of the old Kingdome for Heather and Bob Antanaitis. The couple salvaged a piece of the dome and had Jay Buhner’s autograph on the hunk of concrete.


Because of a pet peeve by Sen. Mike Carrell, R-Lakewood, the state Senate is unable for the second year to formally approve of Bernie Warner’s appointment to head the Department of Corrections.

Carrell has a bee in his bonnet because Warner won’t fire an employee fined for an ethics violation, which makes Carrell a hypocrite because he won’t demand the Republican caucus take disciplinary action against Sen. Pam Roach for more egregious violations against her co-workers.


The Thurston County Chamber is doing its part to make mathematics fun by partnering with the Olympia, Tumwater, Griffin and North Thurston school districts for the third annual Math for Life. The event shows kids how people use math in real-life situations.

Who knows, one of our kids might become the next Nick D’Aloisio, a 17-year-old from the U.K. who wrote an “automatic summarization algorithm” that he sold to Yahoo for $30 million.


Gina Lollobrigida, the sex symbol of the 1950s, is selling some of her expensive jewelry and donating the money to stem cell research. The 85-year-old actress says it’s her way of giving back to a world that blessed her with a fortunate life.

Meanwhile, a new report says the poorest 10 percent of Americans gave nearly three times as much to charity in 2011 as the richest 20 percent, as a percentage of their income.

Interesting that when you know what it’s like to have less, you’re more inclined to share.


A Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, city councilman called 911 to insist that police arrest the city’s attorney, who had called him a “moron.” Sounds like an apt description to us.


And don’t even get us started about the city of Pacific, where Mayor Cy Sun tried to fire three police officers who prevented him from breaking into the city clerk’s office, where the police chief is being investigated for harassment and where the mayor unilaterally appointed an interim public safety director who previously headed up the University of California-Davis police department that received 15 minutes of national fame for pepper-spraying students during a peaceful protest.