New golf course will make nice addition to community


The Olympia Country and Golf Club is one of the few Washington courses situated on prime waterfront, and offering golfers sweeping views of Puget Sound. In the picturesque category, only the Chambers Bay links course in University Place rivals OC&GC.

That makes the work being done by new owner, philanthropist and physician Angela Bowen, a remarkable contribution to the South Sound community. When the extensive renovation is complete, Olympia will not only have new golf facilities, but a grand new convention facility with sweeping views of Budd Inlet and Mount Rainier.


Close on the heels of news that some of our state lawmakers are charging taxpayers for dry cleaning and their family’s cellphone bills, comes a federal report showing that U.S. Senators get $20 cuts at the Senate Hair Care shop. It’s costing taxpayers about $340,000 annually.

Of course, members of Congress only earn $174,000 per year and can retire at age 62 with a full and generous pension – though “retirement” seems to be a dirty word around Congress.


The decriminalization of marijuana under Washington state law has not led to an increased number of stoned drivers on state roads. The Washington State Patrol reported recently to the state Legislature that the agency has not seen an increase in so-called green DUI arrests.

Troopers say they are on the lookout for erratic driving, and always focus on signs of impairment rather from alcohol or any other substance.


No, we’re not referring the obscene phone call type of heavy breathing. This boo is reserved for Republican Rep. Ed Orcutt who said last week that bicyclists are contributing to climate change with their “increased heart rate and respiration.” Because cyclists breathe heavy during exertion, they exhale more carbon dioxide, which he acknowledged (probably unintentionally) as a greenhouse gas and a pollutant. A curious theory — which makes us wonder what the lawmaker from Kalama has been inhaling.


The Washington Association of School Administrators has hired Thurston County resident Bill Keim to lead their organization. Keim has done an excellent job as superintendent of Tumwater-based Education Services District 113.


Poor John Kerry, the nation’s new secretary of state. Dennis “the Worm” Rodman upstaged him last week by making nice with the North Korean dictator. This week, Kerry mistakenly referred to the nonexistent county of “Kyrzakhstan.” He meant to say Kyrgyzstan, of course. It’s easy to do.


The White House has rejected a petition signed by 125,000 Texans seeking to secede from the United States. Signature gatherers circulated the petition within a few days of President Barack Obama’s re-election. In its response, the White House said the framers of the U.S. Constitution “did not provide a right to walk away from it (the nation).”

This item could be a “boo” depending on your point of view.


We missed the news item several weeks ago that Patty Andrews, the last surviving member of vocal harmony trio The Andrews Sisters died at age 94. Forty-six of their World War II songs reached the Top Ten, more than Elvis or the Beatles.

Their most famous song, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” was representative of their work to boost morale by visiting Allied military bases and war zones. They promoted war bonds, gave free concerts for military audiences and made records distributed widely to Allied troops. Their tight harmonies helped bring Americans together in the war effort.