Pat yourself on the back for supporting worthy causes


South Sounders proudly support an extraordinary number of worthy causes, and deserve credit for being so community-minded and talented.

Last week alone, we filled the house at three very different events: the Olympia Education Foundation’s annual musical featuring local teachers and school administrators crooning and dancing on stage, the seventh annual Entertainment Explosion’s “A Really Big Shoe” featuring talented senior citizens performing for the benefit of homeless youth and The Olympia Baker’s Guild’s third annual Olympia Pie Fest, which contributed money, not desserts, to the Thurston Food Bank and Olympia Senior Services.

Congrats to those who made all three events a success.


The fight against human trafficking is getting another boost from the Zonta clubs of South Puget Sound, Olympia and Centralia this week. Yellow roses are the symbol of Zonta Rose Day, which falls on Friday this year. It coincides with International Women’s Day.

One of the founders of the national Truckers against Trafficking, a women’s organization fighting human trafficking, will speak at the dinnertime event.

Zonta members are doing their part to keep the horrors of human trafficking on the public’s radar.


We all know how much initiative entrepreneur Tim Eyman likes to see himself on television and read his name in print. But calling Gov. Jay Inslee “a lying whore” in a recent news release went too far, even for Eyman.

Even the state Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur agrees, telling the Seattle Times, “There is no question that’s beyond the pale and is uncalled for.”

Eyman has refused to apologize, but did you expect anything else?


The Industrial Technology program at Capital High School has reused the trusses from the school’s roof that collapsed in 2008. The trusses now support a new covered workspace for the school’s Career & Technical Educational programs.

Students learned the value of recycling building materials, and are reaping the benefits of being thrifty.

Meanwhile, down at Rochester High School, the environmental science class spent a day sorting through the school’s trash and recording the waste. By becoming aware of how much material is wasted every day, the students are creating a new trash disposal system.


Dennis “The Worm” Rodman has gone where no modern diplomat has gone before. Rodman took his tats, piercings and perhaps a suitcase that included dresses to hang out with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Kim, apparently a Chicago Bull’s fan welcomed Rodman and three Harlem Globetrotters to the isolated and repressive country.

As odd as it sounds, the Worm and Kim are now BFFs.

Rodman’s five NBA championships brought star power to the troubled nation at odds with the U.S. but obsessed with basketball. Kim expressed to Rodman that he hoped the event would improve North Korean-American relations.

Looks like newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry needs to recruit Michael Jordan if he is to shut down North Korea’s nuclear program.


Is nothing sacred? The United States Anti-Doping Agency is chasing a new target, now that it has stuck a pin in Lance Armstrong’s balloon.

The USADA is requiring urine samples and random testing for performance-enhancing drugs from contestants in this winter’s ice fishing competitions. The chairman of the United States Freshwater Fishing Federation, Joel McDearmon, said they will not test for beer, however, “Because then everybody would fail.”