BOO: Fake crisis

Educators and public safety experts need to teach our children how to react in an emergency situation, including the possibility of an armed killer attacking their school.

But officials at Cannon Beach (Ore.) Elementary School went way too far.

Three actors armed with automatic weapons stormed the school, fired blank rounds, and “killed” many screaming students, who lay on the floor drenched in “blood.” Police helicopters thundered overhead and law enforcement officers “shot” and “killed” the fake shooters.

It was all a staged drama, not unlike the DUI scenarios often created at our schools. Some of the kids involved in this terrifying drama were in the first grade. Shame on the parents who volunteered their children to take part, which, ironically took place on Martin Luther King Day.

Who knows how the fake massacre affected these young minds? School officials can surely teach kids how to react without risking inflicting real trauma.