Our Voice: We're grateful for positive attitudes, generosity in Tri-Cities

Today, we're thinking about all those things we never did -- but should have. It's not too late to start.

Acting debut

You're never too old to try something new. At 101, Loris "Brink" Brinkman is the new kid on the stage.

He seems to have gotten along the first 100 years of his life without a being in a play, so why start now?

We could just as easily ask, "why not?"

Variety is a basic human need. But we sometimes ignore it. We tend to get comfortable doing the same thing every day or driving the same route to work.

Every now and then, it's good to shake things up a little and learn what you're capable of accomplishing. Henry Ford said, "Whether you think can or you can't -- you're right."

Tough girl

Maribel Torres, although much younger than Brinkman, is inspiring to all ages. She seems to have taken Ford's advice to heart, also.

She was born with one arm.

Many of the everyday things that you use two hands for, she does with one. And apparently does them cheerfully.

Perhaps the binding cord between the centurion and his much-younger counterpart is that they both have that "can-do" attitude.

Homeless count

Does it surprise anyone there are 500 homeless people in the Tri-Cities? We're surprised by that number. Either we don't see the problem, or we don't want to.

We're grateful for the volunteers who are willing to spend their day gathering data that makes us more aware of our community.

For whatever reason, people can find themselves in trouble at any stage in their life. So we're also grateful for agencies and organizations that help those who are down get back up on their feet.

Perhaps one day we won't see the problem because it no longer exists. We look forward to that day.

Delta donation

We're glad to live in a community that values education.

It's not unusual for a business to donate services or money to our students.

The most recent example of the kind of private-public partnership that we like so much is Bechtel National's $250,000 donation toward a new building for Delta High School.

We are excited about the good things that are happening at Delta High. We're also excited about progress at other schools in the Mid-Columbia.

When Delta was in its inception stage, we envisioned a facility and program that would benefit students throughout the Mid-Columbia by reaching beyond the handful of students who attend the school.

One thing that Delta does well is build partnerships. It is, without doubt, something all our schools could benefit from.

When the community invests in its students, it also invests in its own future.