Seahawks not getting respect they deserve

The Seattle Seahawks can’t get any respect from the professional football pundits, who clearly have an East Coast bias.

After the Seahawks defeated the Washington Redskins Sunday, all the chatter in the NFL world centered on whether or not quarterback Robert Griffin III should have continued playing with an injured knee.

It’s a legitimate topic, but, hey, what about our guys?

No talk about a red-hot Seahawks team. No talk about how Russell Wilson, a third-round pick, outplayed RG3, the number two pick overall in last year’s draft. No talk about Marshawn Lynch. No talk about a suffocating Seattle defense.

No talk about why Wilson should win the Rookie of the Year award. Of the three top candidates – Wilson, RG3 and Andrew Luck – only one rose above general expectations. Only one won a playoff game.

It takes time to get national attention, and overtime, apparently, if you’re on the wrong coast.