Headlines we would like to see in 2013

Each January we start the New Year with a series of headlines that recap the old year and look forward to the new one. Some of these are serious wishes, some are tongue-in-cheek.

Obama dedicates B Reactor for opening of Manhattan Project National Park

Carousel of Dreams makes Guinness Book of Records for most riders in a single year

Franklin County finally cleans out Huston's old desk, finds $2.8 million

Tri-Cities to host 2020 Summer Olympics, hydroplane racing is newest event

Richland's new energy park solves global warming; Nobel prizes awarded

Seahawks win Super Bowl

Chinese borrow money from U.S.

Energy Northwest agrees to steps toward building new modular nuclear plant

Tri-Citians approve joint levy for water park, performing arts center and expansion of convention center

Dung-dropping geese abandon Columbia Park

People seen sharing a meal without a smartphone in sight

Obesity epidemic replaced by exercise addiction

KGH & Kadlec focus on patient care, not each other

Marijuana cake served at same-sex wedding

Legislature approves budget, adjourns early

Changes in vit plant design, schedule make everyone happy

Hiring for Doughnutville's new police, fire and services sparks mini-economic boom