ISRAEL: $1 billion from Congress? Didn’t happen

A writer critical of Israel complained (letter, 11-27) that the “corporate media” did not report that “Congress came together ... and gave Israel an extra $1 billion” for defense.

True enough. Because Congress did no such thing.

The writer is apparently referring to HR 4133, a bit of pre-election showboating designed to impress Jewish voters. The nonbinding resolution, which has no force in law, “called on” the president to increase funding to Israel. It authorized no appropriation and increased actual Israeli aid not a shekel. It passed 411-2 and was referred to the Senate, where it will die quietly in committee.

The resolution was in fact reported by major newspapers, including The New York Times and Washington Post, but in proportion to its worth — either as an aside in a budget story or as an item in the day’s legislative index.

It did get major play, however, in numerous jihadi and anti-Semitic websites, one of which headlined the story, “Do the Jews Own America?”

The writer also makes the jaw-dropping accusation that “there has been little mention of the longstanding violence and injustice against Palestinians.” There have been hundreds of such stories in mainstream media, and many courageous reporters and photographers have risked their lives to get them.

I am not sure what the writer means by “the corporate media,” unless she is referring to those who write news for a living, as opposed to those who write propaganda as a hobby.