A to-do list for Wyman

Having broken new ground as the first Republican woman elected to a statewide office in 100 years, incoming Secretary of State Kim Wyman now has some big shoes to fill.

And one big priority.

When she takes the oath of office in January, Wyman will continue the 48-year reign of Republicans as Washington’s secretary of state. More importantly, she follows two popular and nonpartisan state ambassadors – Ralph Munro and Sam Reed.

Wyman campaigned on her ability to maintain the public’s confidence in fair elections, which she has proved in more than a decade as a Republican auditor in a strongly Democratic county. As Debbie Koepp, a Thurston County GOP executive said, “there’s no doubt her reputation of honesty and integrity has earned her the respect and confidence of Washington state voters.”

The new secretary of state promised to find a way to move the Heritage Center forward, smooth out the filing process for corporations, continue Munro’s and Reed’s work to connect people to history through the state archives library, and give small companies representation with potential international trading partners.

Let’s add to that list – and move it to the top – the requirement to have all ballots in the hands of county auditors by the Election Day deadline. That simple change will speed up definitive election results.

Outgoing Secretary of State Sam Reed has championed this idea, and Wyman should take up the cause with new gusto. She can’t make the decision herself, of course, it takes legislation from our state lawmakers.

Wyman should waste no time putting the pressure on legislators to pass a bill in the 2013 session.