Ballots in the mail – now it’s up to you, the voter

The Thurston County elections office mailed ballots for the general election late last week to more than 150,000 active registered voters. Ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 6, the date of the election.

The Olympian editorial board has endorsed candidates and other ballot measures, which are summarized below. The complete list of endorsements can be read online. Go to www.theolympian.com/opinion.

Proposition 1

There are too many unanswered questions to empower the Thurston Public Utility District to “acquire and construct” the infrastructure to distribute electrical power. The campaign has been based on ideology and hasn’t provided enough information for Thurston County voters to make an intelligent choice.


Initiative 1185

Requiring a supermajority, or two-thirds of state lawmakers, gives the minority undemocratic powers. It takes only a simple majority to create tax loopholes, but a supermajority to close them.


Initiative 1240

It’s time to try an experiment with charter schools for low-income, high-risk children in low-performing schools. This initiative has plenty of safeguards against harming other public schools.


Initiative 502

Decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana for adults allows law enforcement to focus on other issues. Passing this initiative, which includes standards for impaired driving, will help pressure the federal government to get its marijuana laws in line with states, especially around medicinal uses.


Referendum 74

Voting yes approves the same-sex marriage law passed by the Legislature earlier this year. Public opinion is already there.


Resolutions 8221 and 8223

Both of these resolutions received near-unanimous votes in both chambers of the Legislature. The first would lower the state’s allowable debt limit, and the second would give UW and WSU more flexibility in how they invest their pension funds.


President of the United States

Barack Obama

U.S. Senate

Maria Cantwell

10th Congressional District

Denny Heck


Jay Inslee

Lieutenant governor

Bill Finkbeiner

Secretary of state

Kim Wyman

Attorney general

Bob Ferguson

State treasurer

Jim McIntire

Commissioner of public lands

Peter Goldmark

Insurance commissioner

Mike Kreidler

22nd Legislative District

Karen Fraser – Senate

Chris Reykdal – House Position 1

Sam Hunt – House Position 2

35th Legislative District

Kathy Haigh – House Position 1

Lynda Ring-Erickson – House Position 2

2nd Legislative District

Bruce Lachney – Senate

Gary Alexander – House Position 1

County Commission

Cathy Wolfe – District 1

Sandra Romero – District 2

Thurston County Superior Court

Christine Schaller – Position 2

Erik Price – Position 4

Thurston Public Utility District

Linda Oosterman

City of Olympia Public Safety Levy