We're grateful for groups that make things go 'round

We like it when groups of people work together to pull off projects that seem insurmountable. Sometimes it takes years to get a project moving. And sometimes it's amazing to see a project still going years later.

Carousel sponsor

While some people will not be thankful that the carousel project is finally getting off the ground, we are.

Much like public art, we see a value added to the community beyond what anyone can put a dollar figure on.

To be sure, there is a dollar figure attached to the carousel project. That figure has been a gulf between someone's dream for a carousel and the Carousel of Dreams sponsored by Gesa Credit Union.

We're grateful for the $1 million donation from Gesa that bridges the chasm.

There is another big sponsor that has yet to be unveiled. We are also grateful for that donation, as well as all the families and individuals who have pursued this dream over the past 10 years.

In the past, we've been critical of the way the carousel has been handled and of the taxpayer money that has gone into it.

But we can't complain about a group of community-minded folks rallying together for something beautiful.

It's amazing what can happen when the will to succeed is strong.

Grace Clinic

We're impressed that Grace Clinic has been growing for 10 years. It's a faith-based health care provider that has grown from a few hours a week in the basement of a church to a full-time medical facility, complete with dental care and mental health counseling.

On behalf of the community, we're grateful for the help Grace Clinic provides to those without insurance or means to pay for health care.

During the past 10 years, Grace Clinic has definitely improved the quality of life for many people. Those who use the clinic got direct help. And because the clinic reduces the load on other medical providers and emergency rooms in the Mid-Columbia, the entire health care system also benefits.

We're also grateful for the many volunteers who help keep the clinic open.

It takes a lot of hours to keep something like Grace Clinic going -- and many of those hours are donated by highly specialized professionals.

So thank you to the clinic and thank you to the doctors and dentists and counselors and volunteers who provide services.

Gang sweep

Most of us know the feeling of uneasiness when a police vehicle pulls in behind you and the lights begin flashing. There's a bit of dread anytime you see the red-and-blue lights in your rearview mirror, even if they're not meant for you.

So, we're assuming that when someone is involved in criminal gang activities and the cops show up at their door with handcuffs, that sense of uneasiness is greatly magnified.

We're happy to see law enforcement agencies in the Mid-Columbia working together to make the this a safer place to live.

We haven't moved to a consolidated city, but the gang members are pretty organized. Their territories don't stop in the middle of the blue bridge.

We're glad the law enforcement agencies are putting pressure on the bad guys -- in an organized and collaborative effort.

It's not an easy task.

And as much as people tend to complain about the police, they have a hard job -- one that we all desperately count on them to do.

So today we just want to say, "Thanks, officer."