Response to complaints shows JBLM a good neighbor

Officials at Joint Base Lewis-McChord have proved they want the military base to be seen as a good neighbor to the populated Olympia-Tacoma corridor.

Hearing complaints by residents in the Lacey-Yelm areas about noise from helicopter training flights, the base command revised the air routes. And the number of complaints has decreased accordingly.

Col. H. Charles Hodges Jr., the garrison commander of JBLM said, “If that (decreased complaints) is our measuring stick ... I think we’re there.”

This community is well aware of the importance of the military base to the region’s economy, and is also appreciative of the sacrifices made by the young men and women who volunteer for active duty.

Finding a resolution to the helicopter flying routes is a win-win for everyone.

Radical, aggressive fundamentalism is bad for humanity in all its forms.

It’s bad when Christians murder abortion doctors or when Islam extremists kill American diplomats. And, it’s also bad when Amish renegades attack Amish, chopping men’s beards and shearing women’s hair.

Samuel Mullet Sr. and 15 followers of his cultlike sect were recently convicted of federal conspiracy and hate crimes for the assaults. Mullet went after those who took issue with his rules that sentenced people to live in chicken coops and his penchant for counseling married women on intimate sexual matters.

Forcing one’s will on others, especially in violent ways, simply has no place in a modern, tolerant and peaceful world. It is not the fault of religions themselves, but of individuals’ strict interpretations that cause so much hate and strife.

This one falls under the heading of Really Bad Ideas.

The Lakeside Guns Shop in Acworth, Ga., has received approval from the Powder Springs City Council to serve alcohol in the lounge of its proposed new, indoor firing range.

Not everyone in the town is convinced booze and bullets mix well together.

Said one mother of three, “I mean, that’s just stupid. We don’t need drunk people running around in and out of the neighborhood.”

Especially if they are carrying loaded guns.

It’s Art Walk Saturday, and there’s plenty of activity in downtown Olympia.

If you fancy belly dancing, spoken word hip hop, student orchestras, or just want to learn how to do the Charleston, you can find it downtown today.

Arts Walk occurs every spring and fall when downtown businesses feature local artists in their stores and windows. While walking around downtown, you can catch children’s shows, live music, plenty of good food and beverages and just watch other people having a great time in the heart of the city.