A bit worrisome

We’re as excited as the next Seattle Mariner’s fan about the team’s first perfect game thrown by “King” Felix Hernandez at Safeco Field this week. But we’re worried.

King Felix has been building up to his perfect game with previous dominant performances this season, most notably against the Red Sox and the dreaded Yankees. Of all the 24 perfect games pitched in major league history, this one by Feliz ranks near the top.

He struck out 12. Only three pitchers whiffed more batters on their way to recording no hits, no runs and no walks. Most remarkably, King Felix’s perfect game didn’t rely on another player to make a miraculous defensive play to save him.

Felix bagged this one on his own.

And it surprised no one – given how terrible the young Mariners perform with a bat in their hands – that the game was won by a score of 1-0. On most days, our guys couldn’t hit a watermelon lobbed their way.

And that’s what worries us.

Three perfect games have been thrown this year, the most ever in a single season. Two of those were thrown in Safeco, another record.

If this lack of scoring at “the Safe” keeps up, going to games will make fans so sleepy they’ll forget to stand when the wave rolls through their section.

But that’s an amusing fact about baseball: from a technical perspective, the less that happens, the better the game.