Volunteers, donations make things happen here

Volunteers come in many varieties. Some give of their time and talents, while others contribute money. All make the Mid-Columbia a nicer place to live and work.

Tackweed Coalition

Tackweeds be warned.

There is a small but growing population that wants to take back the bike paths you've been encroaching on, especially in Franklin County.

They're gunning for you, and we're cheering for them.

Our thanks to the founders of the Tackweed Coalition who are willing to fight back against a terribly invasive and noxious weed -- one bike riders know all too well.

We also are grateful to those who joined in the tackweed pull day last week.

And to everyone who uses those paths, thanks for every weed you stop to pull on your daily travels.

You can see the paths the coalition is targeting. They have painted a large logo on the pavement marking their territory.

We salute those who stoop to reduce this hazard to bike tires, running shoes and pets' paws. If the weeds don't fear you -- they should.


It's just plain fun to follow the Olympics. We love the stories behind the athletes. We love the competition. We love the opening ceremonies and the parade of athletes.

There's always some sort of controversy. After all, it's a worldwide arena we're talking about.

But it's fun to cheer on your team and country. And it's inspiring to see the dedication of the athletes.

Most of us won't make it to the Olympic trials (although some in our midst do), but we can all be a little more active and celebrate the many ways that our bodies move.

Water Follies

The Olympic Games could easily be overshadowed for one weekend in the Mid-Columbia by one of our premiere summer events -- the Water Follies.

Thousands of people flock to the boat races. Some come for the hydros, some for the air show, some for the art show, some for the excitement and some for the people watching.

It's an event that benefits the whole community and it absolutely would not be possible without the help of volunteers -- many, many volunteers.

Thanks to you all.

New K9

Thanks to a Finley couple, there is a new officer on the Kennewick police squad. Opal and Ken Kuh's $10,000 donation allowed for the purchase of a new German shepherd.

It's a lot of money for a dog, but it's a bargain for a highly trained crime fighter.

This is a specially trained dog and we're fortunate to have several canine units in the Mid-Columbia to help take on the bad guys.

Homeless vets

It's good to see different agencies working together on a problem. We appreciate the collaboration between the groups. Different groups working together brings out a total contribution that's greater than the sum of its parts.

So thank you to the Columbia Basin Veteran Coalition and Catholic Family & Child Service for coming together to provide for homeless vets.

We're grateful for the men and women who serve our country, and we are also grateful for the agencies that serve those men and women.