Starbuckslandia, Wash., has a nice ring to it … doesn’t it?

Dear City of Olympia,

We saw you rooting around for spare change the other day, and not just from your parking meters. We would like to help, so we’re magnanimously offering up this sure-fire revenue-producing idea, at no charge: sell naming rights to marketable infrastructure.

We actually stole the idea from state Rep. Jan Angel of Port Orchard who has proposed selling naming rights for the new bridge over the Tacoma Narrows as a means of keeping tolls as low as possible.

You could do the same with the Olympia-Yashiro Friendship Bridge. Nobody calls it that anyway. It’s just the Fourth Avenue Bridge to most people.

But how about the Weyerhaeuser Bridge? Or, maybe the Boeing Bridge has a better ring to it.

Think of the possibilities: Lucky Eagle Percival Landing. The Intel Isthmus Park.

And why stop there? The City of Baltimore is considering selling ads on its fire trucks. Cities in Kentucky and Tennessee sell logo space on manhole covers to pay for road and sewer maintenance projects.

How about logos on police uniforms, just like professional golfers?

Feel free to pass this tip on to your Tumwater buddies, too. The old brewery would make some great billboard space. Heck, now that we have privatized liquor sales, sell a huge Jack Daniels sign up there. Might even snag some thirsty tourists looking for a free tour. What would they know?

Anyway, think about it. We’re just sayin’.