Voter’s Guide: Arm yourself with information

If you haven’t already decided how to cast your primary election ballot, you might turn to the Thurston County voters’ guide that just arrived in your mailbox. It has statements from every candidate who will appear on a ballot somewhere in the county.

Unfortunately, it does not have voter information on statewide races and initiatives. But that’s where The Olympian’s Voter’s Guide will prove invaluable. You can search for election information that will appear on your specific ballot.

It’s easy to find and navigate. On our comprehensive election pages (www.theolympian.com/elections), just click on the Voter Guide widget and type in your address. You can compare candidates side by side, mark your preference and go on to the next race.

Print out your completed ballot and take it to the kitchen table for reference as you mark your official ballot.

The guide works from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

There are other resources, too, including the online voter guides available from the Thurston County Auditor’s Office and the secretary of state.

The important thing is to vote, but we recommend first arming yourself with as much information about the candidates and issues as possible.