Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road: When must I stop for school bus going in other direction?

Question: When driving on a road like Meridian Street or Sunset Drive, with a center turning lane, should drivers stop for a school bus with flashing lights going the other direction?

Answer: No. On Meridian or Sunset or a similar roadway with the center turn lane, you only need to stop for the bus with its lights flashing if you are going in the same direction.

Q: Many drivers approach the roundabout at North State Street and Boulevard, assuming that those passing from North State south through to Boulevard have the right away over those entering from Wharf Street on their immediate right. At times cars stream through almost bumper to bumper from State through to Boulevard without slowing. At times this requires drivers entering from Wharf to stop and wait for many cars to pass. Is this how this roundabout is intended to be used?

A: At any roundabout, the vehicle in the roundabout has the right of way. Any vehicle wishing to enter the roundabout must yield to the vehicle in it. There will be times when vehicles wishing to enter the roundabout may have to wait for traffic, especially during the “rush hour” periods for southbound traffic.