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Will media tell world Chambers Bay is in University Place or “near Seattle?”

Pop geography quiz: Where is Chambers Bay, host of June’s U.S. Open golf tournament?

If you said, “University Place, Washington,” you are correct.

If you said, “Near Tacoma,” you are also correct.

If you said “Seattle,” you might be a member of the national or international media. Or, at least that’s where some South Sound residents fear media types will tell the world Chambers Bay is located when the tournament tees off June 18.

“I sure hope (Fox Sports announcer) Joe Buck knows where Chambers Bay is located,” said University Place resident Ken Stortini, who is volunteering as a marshal captain during the U.S. Open. “… The course is too beautiful to give to Seattle.”

Early indications are that proud South Sounders like Stortini are going to get a mixed bag when it comes to the media describing Chambers Bay’s location.

Many reports thus far are saying University Place and using Tacoma for a little more geographical perspective. Some are not.

When Jordan Spieth won the Masters in April with former University Place teacher and Gig Harbor resident Michael Greller as his caddy, the national media couldn’t help but lap up the story.

A New York Times article said Greller was from “outside Seattle.” The night after the tournament, ABC News anchor David Muir told the story of the caddy “from Seattle.”

Fox Sports, the network that will broadcast the U.S. Open, promises the greater Tacoma area will get plenty of attention during the golf tournament.

“Everything I’ve seen says University Place, Washington,” said Mark Loomis, producer of Fox Sports’ U.S. Open coverage. “… But you have to ask Joe (Buck). He’s the one who’s going to be saying it more than anyone else.”

Buck chuckled when the question was posed.

“Well, it’s closer to Tacoma,” he said. “I’m pretty aware of that kind of stuff. And I come from the Midwest, where we are kind of born into an inferiority complex. This isn’t like I’m from Manhattan or anything.

“So, I get it. We will be very respectful of where we sit on the map. I think it will be a little more generalized than every time we come back from a break saying the exact longitude and latitude, but we’ll know where we are.”