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Marchers honor man killed by police in Lakewood lumberyard

About 60 people marched from Lakewood police headquarters to City Hall and back Saturday to protest what they say was injustice in the shooting death of Daniel Covarrubias.

Two Lakewood police officers fatally shot Covarrubias, 37, in a lumberyard last month after he allegedly pointed a cellphone at them. The officers mistook the phone for a gun, interim Police Chief Mike Zaro said recently.

Several of Covarrubias’ family members joined the peaceful demonstration, which was without incident aside from an occasional catcall from drivers who were delayed as the group disrupted traffic.

“Justice would be an indictment of these officers,” said co-organizer Jamika Scott, 27. “They should not be getting away with this. He was an unarmed man who was more of a danger to himself than anyone else.”

“I think it’s a textbook case of police brutality,” Scott added. “They overreacted and had plenty of time to take cover.”

The officers fired nine shots, five of which hit Covarrubias, according to police reports.