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Four clouded leopard cubs born at Point Defiance Zoo

Four clouded leopard cubs were born this week at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Though litters of four are uncommon, this is the fourth litter for mother Chai Li and father Nah Fun, said Karen Goodrowe Beck, the zoo’s general curator.

In the past, the cats have had two litters of two and a single cub litter.

Clouded leopards are endangered and only bred at about two dozen accredited North American zoos.

“These cats are very rare,” Goodrowe Beck said. “We are thrilled by the birth of this litter.”

The cats were born Tuesday and have not yet been named. They are being bottle-fed by zoo staff members and will be hand-reared. It’s not yet known whether the cubs are girls or boys.

Point Defiance Zoo will announce later this month how the leopards will be named and when visitors can see them.