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One year in prison for McCleary man who sold LSD to high school girls

A 21-year-old McCleary man has been sentenced to one year and one day in prison for selling LSD to two high school girls in February.

Jesse Widener sold two strips of LSD to the girls, with each of them taking one “hit.” One of the girls ended up in the hospital.

Police responded to a possible drug overdose at a home in McCleary on Feb. 13 after a 16-year-old called police saying she felt “weird” and wanted paramedics, according to court documents.

When police responded, two girls were lying in bed at the house. Both were conscious, but one of the girls was staring at the ceiling and otherwise non-responsive, court documents state. One girl was taken to the emergency room at the request of her parents, and the other had to be carried from her father’s car to her house.

One of the girls told police that she purchased LSD from Widener at the gas station in McCleary for $30. She said the girls used the drugs while at school but went to the home when they started feeling ill and vomiting.

During sentencing, Widener’s attorney, Orlando Tadique, said Widener has completed drug treatment since being arrested. He said Widener wasn’t a drug dealer, per se, but supplied the drugs to the girls because he knew where to get them.

“I’m sorry for the actions I’ve taken,” said Widener during sentencing. “I really would like a second chance to prove I can be a responsible adult.”

Judge Mark McCauley said Widener shouldn’t have been associating with girls that age. He said he imposed a prison sentence instead of Tadique’s request for community service because of the severity of the crime.