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Local group to add nearly 300 dahlias to Capitol Campus landscape

The Evergreen State Dahlia Association of Olympia will plant about 275 dahlias on the west Capitol Campus Saturday as part of a pilot project that aims to develop partnerships between the state and community organizations.

The association will plant 20 different types of dahlias between the two outer hedges of the Sunken Garden, located between the Winged Victory Monument and the greenhouse.

Dahlias, tuberous-rooted plants cultivated for their brightly colored flowers, are resistant to deer browsing and are not susceptible to pests, so they are easy to maintain without synthetic pesticides.

The Department of Enterprise Services, which manages the 485-acre campus, has signed an agreement with the Dahlia Association that requires the group to do the planting, stake the plants, weed around the dahlias, remove spent flowers and dig up the tubers in the fall.

The first blooms should appear in late July to early August.