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Tacoma mom charged after toddler drinks from bong made of sippy cup

A 13-month-old South Hill boy drank out of a bong made from his sippy cup and became ill.

Pierce County prosecutors have charged his mother, Amber Ingersoll, with third-degree child assault.

No arraignment has been set for Ingersoll, 26.

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies were called to St. Clare Hospital Oct. 17, 2014, after the baby tested positive for methamphetamine.

Ingersoll told deputies the boy’s grandma is a recovering meth addict and he must have accessed the drug at her house, according to charging papers.

The grandmother told deputies she found a bong constructed out of a sippy cup in the baby’s diaper bag.

“ after drinking the water, (the boy) was moving around and could not stand still,” documents show.

The grandma allegedly asked Ingersoll if she should take the boy to the hospital but Ingersoll said no.

Ingersoll later admitted to deputies that the bong was hers.

Child Protective Services took custody of the boy.