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Carol Gregory raises quick cash in state House race against Teri Hickel

Four days was enough for state Rep. Carol Gregory to raise more than $35,000.

And it was enough for the Democrat to keep pace with Republican challenger Teri Hickel – but now Hickel can keep raising money while Gregory can’t.

The Legislature took a four-day break in late April before a special session to keep working on the budgets it couldn’t finish in its regular 105 days of work. The result was a brief thaw in the freeze on campaign contributions during legislative sessions.

The Federal Way-area special election to replace the late Rep. Roger Freeman has major implications for the balance of power in the Legislature. A Republican victory over the appointed Gregory would leave Democrats with 50 House members, the bare minimum needed to pass legislation in the 98-member House.

Hickel raised more than $26,000 in April, bringing her total above $31,000. She has more than $12,000 on hand after spending, while Gregory has more than $35,000 on hand, according to reports they filed Monday.

Both candidates filed for election Monday.