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Tim Eyman doesn’t decide what’s worthy of blog posts

Brian Zylstra, spokesman for Secretary of State Sam Reed, gave us a heads-up about Tim Eyman filing another proposed initiative to the people.

Zylstra notes Eyman & Co. would have only five weeks to collect almost 250,000 signatures on the measure if they’re shooting for the November 2009 ballot. Not even Eyman cuts it that close. In truth, he would have fewer than five weeks. And what if someone challenges the ballot title?

Methinks he’s doing his usual warm-up for next year, getting the state Code Reviser to show him what his ballot measure would look like.

Then he’ll file another version, and perhaps another, until he gets it right (for him.) I sent him an e-mail, asking him to clarify his intentions.

UPDATE: Eyman replied via e-mail: “It’s research and development – one of several ideas for initiatives that we have for the future. It’s your call on its newsworthiness, but to me, it’s not even worth a blog posting.”

Joseph Turner, The News Tribune