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Council candidates get a jump on fundraising

It’s not even June yet, so who’s thinking about this year’s municipal elections? The primary is not until August and the official filing period for the ballot isn’t until next week.

But in Tacoma anyway, where four City Council seats and the mayorship are up for election, some candidates are already well into raising and spending money.

According to Public Disclosure Commission filings late last week, candidates had raised about $150,000 combined. The two candidates for Position 6, the at-large seat being vacated by Mike Lonergan, have raised the most. They are closely followed by the two announced candidates to succeed Mayor Bill Baarsma. The early activity is predictable for these positions: It costs more money to run a citywide campaign. The other open positions represent geographic districts, where sweat equity can more easily compensate for big bucks.

Here are contributions and expenditures so far, ranked by contributions:

1. Keven Rojecki (Council Position 6): Raised $37,508; Spent $4,877.

2. James Merritt (Mayor): Raised $27,113; Spent $24,724.

3. Victoria Woodards (Position 6): Raised $25,245; Spent $3,572.

4. Marilyn Strickland (Mayor): Raised $18,575; Spent $2,774.

5. Marty Campbell (Council District 4): Raised $16,187; Spent $8,406.

6. Rebecca Summers-Kirby (District 5): Raised $10,871; Spent $500.

7. Jacob Fey (District 2): Raised $10,393; Spent $0.

8. Joseph Lonergan (District 5): Raised $2,500; Spent $0.

9. John Miles (District 5): no reported contributions or expenditures.

9. Roxanne Murphy (District 4): No reported contributions or expenditures

John Henrikson, The News Tribune