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Perennial candidate Burr surprises with 2015 election plans

If you had “none of the above” in your Bob Burr election pool, you’re the winner.

Burr, who ran for Whatcom Public Utility District commissioner in 2014, Bellingham City Council in 2013, and U.S. Senate in 2010 (coming in seventh in a field of 15 in the primary, with 0.78 percent of the vote), announced early this morning, Friday, May 15, he will not seek elected office in 2015.

“I did a lot of soul searching last weekend. I had just about decided that that losing yet another race for local office was likely not the best approach to saving the world,” Burr said in a press release.

Burr promised in his statement he intends to remain active in politics. The iconoclastic anti-coal activist has been involved with the Whatcom Green Party, Whatcom Libertarians, Whatcom Democrats — and has supported the Whatcom Tea Party.

Today is the last day to file to appear on a ballot in Whatcom County. As of this writing at 9:20 a.m., major races for Bellingham mayor, county executive, sheriff, two County Council seats and four Bellingham Council seats are uncontested.

Here’s Burr’s complete statement:



Speaking to a throng of disappointed supporters early this morning, Bob Burr (G, D, & L--Whatcom County) announced that he was sitting out the 2015 election cycle. To shouts of “No. No. No.”, Burr announced he had much more important priorities. He has returned to a higher calling. Burr’s number one objective in his remaining years on Earth is and has been consistent, simple and steady. That guiding goal is to Save The World from mankind’s suicidal path towards mass species extinction.

“I did a lot of soul searching last weekend,” said Burr. “I had just about decided that that losing yet another race for local office was likely not the best approach to saving the world. Many backers were , however, pressuring me to at least a minimal effort ‘message campaign’ for one office or another. Some even suggested the unthinkable--that I swallow my core belief that money is the source of all evil in politics and accept donations from non-Corporate persons. But, I wasn’t buying.” In times when he faces difficult decisions, Burr explained that he seeks help from his closest confidante--a friend who while omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient is often preoccupied with galaxies of other things.

“I was so happy that God answered my call”, Burr said. “I swear he can read my mind. And, he has been so much more available in recent years since he no longer speaks with George W. Bush . He confirmed that what I was thinking was precisely the right course. Namely, I should go forth with many others and devote our energies to electing Bernie Sanders as President of The United States. The only prayer--his words, not mine--the world has, he said, is to elect this humble man who we have both seen turn beet red when given a standing ovation.”

Burr also stated that his friend was angry at the 1%--that greed was not intended to be a core value and that the plutocrats were using their wealth to destroy his experimental planet rather than to save it. At one time, he said that he would have annihilated all such people for the message value. His son has convinced him, however, that he should love and tolerate the string-pullers even though they are a common enemy.

Burr has started a Facebook page--Bellingham For Bernie Sanders--which he hopes will help mobilize those fed up with “bought and paid for” politicians to go en masse to the 2016 Democrat caucuses and Stand Up For Bernie. He is convinced that Senator Sanders will make this an easy task based upon his performance in upcoming debates with “Billary” and possibly others.

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