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Match Game: Put the quote with the correct County Council member

With Rud Browne’s page, “Rud Wants to Know,” going live about a month ago, three Whatcom County council members now have Facebook pages devoted to their roles as public officials. (Click on Ken Mann and Carl Weimer’s names in this sentence to link to their pages.)

Two other councilors, Pete Kremen and Barbara Brenner, don’t have Facebook accounts, even for personal use.

Sam Crawford is active on his personal Facebook account but assiduously avoids discussing county business on the social media site.

Barry Buchanan also has a personal Facebook page, but I have yet to reach him for a story I’m working on. As I develop my story on county council members’ use of Facebook, I thought I’d offer up a game: Match the council member with the quote they gave me about Facebook or social media.

First the quotes:

1) “There are people who have bees in their bonnets, who will engage you on social media, and I’m not sure Facebook is the right place to have a long-winded argument.”

2) “Anything dealing with county business, I just think it’s inappropriate for it to be out there in the social media. I take the job seriously. This isn’t a lark.”

3) “I have found that social media is very powerful and effective at two things: disseminating information and offending people.”

4) “I think it’s kinda cool for a person to get a little snapshot of their elected officials’ lives other than on the council, just so they can see what kind of person they are. ... I think that’s a great use of this concept of social media for elected officials.”

5) “I don’t post stuff on Facebook but a lot of people do. It’s the preferred medium for a lot of people. It therefore makes me obligated to speak in the language of my customer.”

6) “I never had a Facebook account. ... I like it real personal. I like to talk to people in person.”

Which council member, below, goes to which quote, above?

A) Barbara Brenner

B) Rud Browne

C) Sam Crawford

D) Pete Kremen

E) Ken Mann

F) Carl Weimer

How well do you know your council members? Match (1) through (6) with (A) through (F), and put your guesses/insights into the comment field below, or email them to ralph.schwartz@bellinghamherald.com. I’ll come out with the answers at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 2.