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Sidhu issues response to GOP’s ‘religious bigotry’ email

Satpal Sidhu, Democratic candidate for a state House seat representing north Whatcom County, issued a statement on Friday, Oct. 31, about a Republican Party email sent to a party mailing list on Thursday. The email appealed to Republicans to vote in the Tuesday, Nov. 4 election and donate money because Sidhu was using “religious bigotry” to attack Van Werven’s faith, and was calling her “anti-woman” and “extreme.”

Here’s Sidhu’s statement:

As I have stated before, these accusations are not true. These are the kinds of last minute diversions from real issues, and voters don’t like this.

I have walked my district and talked to voters from all walks of life and what they say most is to see their elected representatives to compromise and make decision about education, transportation, jobs, water issues and land issues and get things done. My record of 30 years living, working, making decisions and serving this community speaks for itself.

Since your blog, I have a huge outpouring of support and love from Whatcom County residents for my campaign. I am busy door belling and engaging people in real conversations about education, jobs and getting things done. That is why I am running for this office.