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Whatcom Republican, Libertarian concede in 42nd District primary

The four-person race for the seat in the state House of Representatives being vacated by Jason Overstreet, R-Lynden, quickly became a two-person race.

After the first vote count on Tuesday night, it was apparent the lone Democrat on the ballot, berry exporter and former Bellingham Technical College Dean Satpal Sidhu, would be up against ex-Republican state officer Luanne Van Werven in the November general election

Thousands more county ballots should be counted today, Thursday, Aug. 7, but here are the results as of Wednesday afternoon:

Sidhu (D) -- 10,254 votes (39.7%)

Van Werven (R) -- 8,712 votes (33.8%)

Bill Knutzen (R) -- 5,800 votes (22.5%)

Nick Kunkel (Libertarian) -- 1,047 votes (4.1%)

Kunkel, who said in an interview he may run for office again, posted a statement Wednesday on his campaign Facebook page:

As many of us already know, we did not advance to the November general election. The road to success is full of speedbumps, potholes, and turns that will inevitably slow down the progression of our cause, but keep comfort knowing that the momentum of our cause is growing every day with every evil carried on by the two party monopoly. 

The torch of Lady Liberty lights the way for those in the dark. We hold it high.

Thank you to everybody who supported the campaign in the many ways you have! We have built a platform from which anything is possible! Get involved in your communities on councils, boards, and commissions. Tell your friends about the works of Friedman, Mises, Rand, and Rothbard. Be the shining light of liberty that obliterates the darkness of tyranny!

...And if you know me well, you know I won't be gone for long!

Knutzen sent me an email Wednesday night:

Of course I'm disappointed in the Primary results. The feedback I was receiving from the voters I spoke to by phone in the days leading up to the election indicated a different outcome. However, it didn't turn out to be the case.

I want to thank my campaign volunteers, those who contributed to my campaign and the many fine people who voted for me. I'm deeply appreciative of the support I received.

I also want to encourage my supporters to get behind Luanne. She's a fine candidate and will work hard to represent the people in the 42nd District.

I don't knw what, if any, political future I may consider. Right now, I'm going to spend time catching up with my family and focusing on my work.

As Knutzen and Kunkel exit stage right, we will focus our reporting more closely on the two who are left. Van Werven and Sidhu have another two months to campaign before ballots are mailed out again.