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Ericksen posts video calling for 4 debates with Fleetwood

As a quick follow up to part of Republican state Sen. Doug Ericksen's response to negative fliers, I wanted to at least post a link to this video he posted Wednesday, July 30, calling on Democratic challenger Seth Fleetwood to meet him for debates in coming weeks.

In the short video, Ericksen talks about negative mailers and calls for the debates.

"So instead of fighting fire with fire, I've decided to invite Seth to participate in four, 1-hour community debates to talk about the issues people care about," Ericksen says. "What I've found in politics is that the lies told in these fliers don't stand up to the light of day when we have these types of debates."

I only just got the chance to call Fleetwood and leave a message (after 5 p.m.), so we might expect some follow up on this Monday morning.

Here's the video: