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One day of filing left: Will some incumbents be safe?

Democrats have at least one more ace up their sleeve. Do Republicans?

There were no surprises in Thursday's filings to appear on election ballots in Whatcom County. Pedro Celis, the Republicans' best shot at unseating freshman congresswoman Suzan DelBene, filed. He already made headlines in February when he announced his candidacy.

Seth Fleetwood filed as a Democrat to challenge state Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale. Republicans tried to make an issue of Fleetwood's residency, but it appears the former Bellingham city and Whatcom County council member didn't do anything illegal by planning to move into the 42nd Legislative District after announcing he would run.

Also, as he said he would, Nick Kunkel, Libertarian, filed to run for the state House seat vacated by Jason Overstreet, R-Lynden.

One more filing day left. We have it from a Democrat insider that the party has a candidate to also vie for Overstreet's seat. Through process of elimination, it appears this candidate will file on Friday.

Will a Democrat challenge Vincent Buys, the other 42nd District representative, who as of now is unopposed? Will Republicans put a sacrificial lamb up against Rick Larsen, whose position in the U.S. Congress, Washington District 2, seems safe?

Tomorrow will tell.

Here are the new filings from Thursday, May 15 only:

1st Congressional District (King, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom)

U.S. Representative Partisan Office 2-year term

1) Richard J. Todd

(States No Party Preference)

2) Pedro Celis

(Prefers Republican Party)

* * *

42nd Legislative District (Whatcom)

Senator Partisan Office 4-year term

1) Seth Fleetwood

(Prefers Democrat Party)

* * *

State Representative Pos. 1 Partisan Office 2-year term

1) Nicholas Kunkel

(Prefers Libertarian Party)

* * *

Charter Review Commission Nonpartisan Office 1-year term

District 1

1) Nancy Metcalf

2) Bob Burr

3) Todd Donovan

* * *

District 2

1) Joe Elenbaas

2) Cliff Langley

3) Ben Elenbaas

4) Branden Brink

* * *

District 3

1) Linda Cain

2) John K. Munson