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Initiative to get big money out of campaigns having trouble raising money

The Seattle Times did a story about Initiative 1329, which would "put Washington on the record as favoring a constitutional amendment that would make it clear 'corporations are not persons' and 'money is not speech,'" as the article put it.

Continuing from the Times' story, "The measure would have no binding authority, but would urge 'immediate action' by the state’s congressional delegation to propose such an amendment."

But the story buries the lede. Not until the eighth paragraph does the article say the chances are slim that the initiative against big money in politics will make the ballot:

"I-1329 backers say they've gathered about 70,000 signatures to place the measure on the November ballot. To qualify, they need to turn in 246,372 valid signatures by July 3. The campaign now plans to use paid signature gathers to try to reach that mark, but it has struggled to raise money."

I guess we all could have seen that coming.