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Fleetwood is moving back into 42nd District for State Senate race

The official filing period for the 2014 election doesn't begin until Monday, May 12, but the 42nd District State Senate race is already warming up.

Seth Fleetwood, the Bellingham Democrat challenging Republican Doug Ericksen in that race, said he is aware that some are questioning his bona fides as a 42nd District resident.

Fleetwood says he has lived all but a few years of his life in the 42nd District, but found himself in the 40th after 2012 redistricting. Now, he is the process of moving to a new place in Bellingham, within 42nd District boundaries. Here is the full statement he emailed to me on this matter:

"I was born in the 42nd District (we lived on Crestline at the top of Alabama Hill).  I grew up in the 42nd District (we lived on Indian Street and 17th Street, which was in the 42nd District until the early 1980s. Fleetwoods voted for Barney Goltz).  I lived 18 of the last 20 years in the 42nd District (Palm Street).  In 2012 redistricting drew me out of the 42nd District and put me in the 40th District.  I have decided to move back to the 42nd District to run against Doug Ericksen where I have lived the vast majority of my life. 

 "I took an address in Birch Bay but am in the process of moving to a location in Bellingham (in none other than the 42nd District); in fact I was in the process of securing that place just today. (Wednesday, May 7) That address will be made public when I file my C-1 form which I must file within two weeks of April 30th which is next Wednesday or when I file my declaration of candidacy at the Election Division of the Auditor's Office during filing week, also next week.

 "The privileges and immunities clause of the US Constitution (also known as the right to travel provision) gives me the right to live where ever I want and I want to live in the 42nd District and run against Doug Ericksen.  It's a free country!  ;-)   I disagree quite strenuously with anyone who claims I don't have legitimate 42nd District cred given the fact it's the District in which I've lived most of my life."