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Whatcom prosecutor to seek 11th term, most in state

It's five days until filing week begins for the 2014 elections, but some candidates have already announced.

Seth Fleetwood, former Bellingham city and Whatcom County council member, made a splash when he announced last week that he would challenge Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, for a state Senate seat in a year when the Democrats are angling to re-take that body.

The latest announcement, which came yesterday, can be taken as either completely unnewsworthy or of major significance: David McEachran put out a statement on Tuesday, May 6, that he will seek re-election as Whatcom County prosecutor.

Here's the press release McEachran sent The Bellingham Herald from a private email yesterday.

One could say the announcement is not newsworthy because McEachran is the only prosecuting attorney anyone in Whatcom under the age of 40 has known. What would be news is if McEachran, 68, announced his retirement.

On the other hand, one could say the announcement is newsworthy just because McEachran has been Whatcom County's prosecutor for so long. He's been in office since 1975, and he seeks his 11th term. As his press release states, McEachran is the longest-serving elected prosecutor in the state.

He also seems untouchable. McEachran has run unopposed at least for the past six races, going back to 1990. (County and state online records don't go further back than that.)

So what would *really* be headline news is if a challenger files May 12-16.

I will update this blog daily next week with who filed for all major offices (excluding precinct committee officers) that particular day, with more details about any marquis names.