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2016 called; they want their campaign back

Seems journalists ( citizen or otherwise) have been talking about the 2016 presidential campaign since the day after the 2012 election. Back then -- and even before then -- it was hard to say "2016" without saying "Hillary Clinton" in the same breath.

People are still writing "2013" in their checkbooks, but the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign is looking more and more inevitable.

What says "inevitable" in politics more than a political action committee, even if the candidate it supports hasn't said whether she will run? 

"Ready for Hillary" sold T-shirts,  bumper stickers and other Hillary knick-knacks to the tune of more than $350,000 last year.

A Democrat from South Carolina who supports Joe Biden for prez was dismissive of the new PAC's perhaps premature efforts.

"Maybe a fan club is appropriate for a boy band but not candidate for president of the United States," Dick Harpootlian said.

What's Clinton doing now? She'll be in the vicinity, actually. She's the keynote speaker at a Vancouver Board of Trade event on Wednesday, March 5. I don't think she intends this as a campaign event: (1) She hasn't announced her candidacy; and (2) the event is in another country.

Still, the media blackout around her speech tomorrow was enough to rankle the already curmudgeonly P-I columnist Joel Connelly, who vented about the lack of access in a recent blog post: "Hillary Clinton to NW media: Go to hell."

(Connelly playing a little lose with the word choice there. If you read his post, Clinton said nothing resembling that. In fact she herself didn't say anything at all, but -- whatever. It's only a blog post.)