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Bill to ensure coverage for abortions passes House in party-line vote

More action in the Legislature today, this time on the House floor:

The Reproductive Parity Act, requiring health plans that cover maternity care to cover abortions, passed the House on Wednesday, Feb. 5, by a 54 to 44 vote along mostly party lines.

Among our local representatives, Kris Lytton of Anacortes and Jeff Morris of Mount Vernon, both Democrats, voted in favor. Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys, both of Lynden and both Republican, voted against the act.

House Bill 2148 heads to the Senate, will it will almost certainly die. It's one of the top priorities of Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, but his vote and those of all the other Democrats loyal to their party cannot overcome the 26-23 edge held by the Majority Coalition Caucus of 24 Republicans and two conservative Dems.