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Seahawks resolution doesn't get unanimous support on Ferndale Council

Never mind that one of its most favored sons is a Tennessee Titan. At a City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 21, Ferndale made it official: It is Seahawks territory.

The resolution, introduced by council member Brent Goodrich, says the city supports the 12th Man and the Seahawks. The city resolves to "GO SEAHAWKS!" the short statement concluded.

The vote was 5 to 1, with Keith Olson opposed. Mel Hansen was absent.

Olson didn't explain his vote during the meeting, so I got him on the phone this morning.

When I asked him why he voted no, he said, "Come on over and I'll show you my birth certificate."

What does it say?

"It says I should be very disappointed," Olson said, transitioning immediately into a denunciation of the referees who reportedly made a couple bad calls in the Seahawks' favor. (I couldn't say, as I missed the second half of the game.)

Nor did I see with my own eyes Olson's birth certificate. But unlike the birthers, I will take his word for it when he tells me it also says "San Francisco." He moved to this state in 1972, he said.

After 42 years, he has held on to his 49er loyalty. I told him I know a lot of California transplants who are converted Seahawks fans. 

He said his presumably Washington-born sons, devout Seahawks fans themselves, noticed the same thing.

"They're just amazed at the bandwagon fans this year," he said.

Olson is up for re-election in less than two years. Maybe he can save face by getting Jake Locker's endorsement.

This post was corrected at 5:12 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 22. The vote count was incorrect, and Mel Hansen's absence from the City Council meeting was not noted.