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Tea party to forge ahead with knowledge bowl, despite Seahawks game

As a native of Pittsburgh, I recognize football fever when I see it. As an objective reporter with no skin in the game in these playoffs, I also recognize that the Seattle Seahawks have the inside track to Super Bowl XLVIII. A victory there might put to rest the ghosts of XL -- specters in black and white stripes who still haunt the dreams of Seahawks fans.

I thought it was a good game.

But moving on...

Talking to officers in the Whatcom Tea Party, they emphasize that their group's role is to educate the community, to encourage public participation in local politics. They are not a party, per se, and they do not endorse candidates.

So the Constitution knowledge bowl, scheduled for this Saturday afternoon, is right in the Whatcom Tea Party's wheelhouse, to borrow a cliche from another sport.

The bowl will bring middle school students together to compete over who knows the most about the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers. The theme of the bowl will be, "The importance and relevance of the U.S. Constitution yesterday, today and tomorrow."

The youths will play for cash and prizes. Not prizes like a big gaudy ring or a trophy with a football on top of it -- more along the lines of this plaque.

The knowledge bowl will run from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday at Rome Grange, 2821 Mt. Baker Hwy.

Doors open at 1:45 p.m.

The Seahawks-Saints game kicks off at 1:35 p.m.

Undaunted, the Whatcom Tea Party is sticking to its schedule.

This statement came from Terry Cox of the Whatcom Tea Party when I asked about the schedule conflict:

"Unfortunately, the date for the Knowledge Bowl was set last year, and at this point we are not able to reschedule.  

"We will plan to update our audience on the Seahawks playoff game during the Knowledge Bowl on Saturday."

Think of it this way. If the 'Hawks lose, attendees at the knowledge bowl will have spared themselves a lot of first-hand heartache. If the Seahawks win, those at the Rome Grange can look forward to watching a much more significant game the following weekend.

And bowl participants will have all this constitutional knowledge rattling around in their heads. I mean, don't ask me what the 8th Amendment is before I have a chance to Google it. ... That would be cruel and unusual.