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Seattle City Attorney wants to accommodate marijuana tourists - What about Whatcom?

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes says his city should expect an influx of marijuana tourists when legal recreational pot stores open for business at some point in 2014.

Key excerpt from a KPLU 88,5 FM radio report available online :

Holmes pointed out to a Seattle City Council committee that rules banning consumption in public, which he supports, could make it harder for out-of-towners to participate. Most of those people would presumable stay in hotels, where smoking is banned.

“We need to recognize that tourists coming to this state to sample wines, to sample Washington marijuana, to sample any of the attributes of this destination city, that we accommodate them somehow,” he said.

I've been wondering about this myself, and how it might affect Whatcom County. I have no firsthand experience, but it is my understanding that marijuana law enforcement is very relaxed in the Vancouver, B.C. area. But do we know for sure whether some significant number of Canadian shoppers might be drawn to pot sales outlets in Whatcom County? If the answer is yes, do we want to take steps to accommodate them, as Holmes seems to favor?