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The real Rud Browne? Not so much

Have you seen rudbrowne.org? It's not what you'd expect.

We just came across the website today. It might be very new; the accompanying Facebook page is just four hours old as of now -- shortly before 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 1.

Upon arriving at rudbrowne.org, it's clear this is an anti-Browne page. It references negatively California billionaire Tom Steyer, who has funded Washington Conservation Voters, a state PAC running an independent campaign for Browne and other progressive Whatcom County Council candidates.

It also makes a claim that Browne wants more government/less jobs. In interviews with me, he was enthusiastic about attracting jobs and streamlining government.

Get to the very bottom of the page and a not-so-surprising line is found in very small print:

"Paid for by Knutzen for Council."

(That's County Council incumbent and Browne opponent Bill Knutzen, for the uninitiated.)

Chalk it up as the latest in a long line of negative campaigning in what has been a particularly ugly county election season. And you can chalk that up to the Gateway Pacific Terminal, which -- if built as proposed at Cherry Point -- would ship up to 48 million tons of coal per year to Asia.