State issues licenses to seven more marijuana businesses in Whatcom County

One of Bellingham’s first recreational marijuana stores, 2020 Solutions, will open its second location Saturday, Nov. 1, at 4:20 p.m. — a time that’s a wink to pot culture.

The store will be at 5655 Guide Meridian, between Axton Road and the Hilltop Restaurant, north of Bellingham.

It will become the second recreational pot store to open in unincorporated Whatcom County. Bellingham has four pot stores. Combined, the county has a total of six such stores so far.

2020 Solutions opened its first store at 2018 Iron St. in Bellingham on July 10 — two days after recreational pot sales became legal in Washington state.

Whatcom County residents Aubree and Troy Lozano own both 2020 stores.

“We are eager to expand and this was a tremendous opportunity for us. It’s a growing business,” said Aaron Nelson, senior vice president of operations for 2020 Solutions.

The Washington state Liquor Control Board allotted 15 retail pot licenses to Whatcom County — six in Bellingham, one each in Ferndale and Lynden, and seven others countywide. 2020 Solutions was among the businesses selected by lottery for a chance at the six coveted retail licenses that the liquor board allocated for Bellingham.

The Lozanos bought the license for their second store from an applicant that was picked by lottery for a chance at one of the retail licenses set aside for Whatcom County at large, according to Nelson. That business was The Green Pot.

The second 2020 Solutions store will be about 1,700 square feet, or three times the size of the first store. For Saturday’s opening, the Guide Meridian store will sell, for $10 each to the first 50 customers, the Rocket Man Super Joint from NW Organic Nursery , a grower-processor near Everson.

Rocket Man is an all-flower joint infused with bubble hash. Saturday’s opening marks the debut of retail products from NW Organic Nursery.

After Saturday’s opening, the Guide Meridian’s store hours will be 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Details: 360-734-2020 and


2020 Solutions was among the seven businesses in Whatcom County to recently receive state licenses to grow, process or sell marijuana.

There are three grower designations, with tier 3 as the largest. Most businesses applied for licenses to grow and process marijuana, but not all.

The liquor board gave licenses to the following businesses, which included two chocolate makers:

4055 Hammer Drive in Bellingham

Verdelux Chocolates 924 Kentucky St. in Bellingham

960 Valley Highway, Suite A, south of Acme

“We don’t smoke it. We don’t eat it. I’m a dissertation away from a Ph.D. and I can’t get a job around here,” she said of her special education doctorate and the couple’s desire to be able to make a living in Whatcom County.

Two weeks after Washington state voters legalized recreational pot, Crum looked at her husband and said, “ ‘Why don’t we grow it?’ We’ve been researching it and talking about it and learning more about it ever since.”

She said they hoped to have their first harvest available in mid-December.

4165 Hannegan Road, Suite B

“I think it’s clearly the next gold rush. You’ve heard it called the green rush,” Caplin said of his reason for entering the recreational pot business, adding that he believed it would become a multibillion-dollar industry.

“I wanted to get in on the ground floor of this industry,” Caplin said. “If you have the means to do it, I think it’s foolish not to do it.”

2123 King St. in Bellingham

White said he’s been growing marijuana for medical use after a vehicle accident left him a paraplegic 10 years ago, but he worried about legal compliance because of the state’s unclear medical marijuana laws.

Recreational marijuana provided that legal assurance, at least at the state level, so he decided to enter the new industry.

“It wasn’t really an option for me,” White said.

Tier 1 is the smallest grow operation allowed by the state. White said he wanted to continue to focus on the quality of his marijuana instead of the quantity, especially for those who use pot for medical reasons.

“Our goal is to, hopefully, be able to provide the same pricing points that the mass-producing companies are, but offer a quality product,” he said.

He expects to have his marijuana in stores at the end of December.

2121 Lincoln St. in Bellingham